Scrum method.

enero 29, 2021 0 Por admin

The CERTIFIED SCRUM MASTER is a course dedicated directly to people with interests in using Scrum power as a framework in their organizations, the objective of this course is to allow applicants to develop business agility, thus being able to be the object of influence in their teams , increasing performance to provide self-organized teams.

In the course, tools such as conferences, group discussions, exercises, games and simulations will be used, which allow a better interaction between those present in order to carry out various activities and provide a broad knowledge of how Scrum should be used within their teams. As this reinforces the fact that it will be used as a practice in the application of Scrum in each team, between the training process you will learn the roles, events and artifacts of Scrum.

All these tools will allow the agility and business resilience required to emerge in the market, the ultimate goal of this methodology is customer success. More info in this link.