Life near paradise.

julio 20, 2021 0 Por admin

Discover what are some of the advantages and disadvantages that you may not yet know about living on a beach.

Advantages of living on the beach

  • Tranquility: Life on a beach is relatively quiet. It is usual that not all the houses are occupied throughout the year, so you will enjoy a much greater calm than you would find in the city.
  • Pure air: You will be closer to nature, the sea and green areas, so you can be sure that you will be breathing pure air, away from the environmental, visual and auditory pollution that is usually experienced in large cities and sometimes.
  • It is good for blood pressure: In terms of health benefits, life on the beach has been classified as one of the best remedies to maintain healthy blood pressure levels, in addition to the fact that the sun’s rays will provide you with a good amount of vitamin D, which will help, among other things, to strengthen bones.


  • Maintenance costs: Whether you choose to rent or buy a property on the beach, you should include within your budget the necessary items to take care of the house in which you will be living, especially if it is located in front of the sea. It is often the case that sea salt, humidity, wind, and sun exposure can cause paint wear and corrosion on walls and pipes. However, there are specialized products for home maintenance.
  • Security: There are seasons when the influx of tourists is greater, and it is in those times that the houses on the beaches are usually occupied almost entirely.

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